An Easter “hide-and-seek” experience with Our Lord

Where is Jesus to be found, this year, tomorrow, on Easter Sunday?  

The Churches are closed, I have a 2 kilometre radius of a “leash”, and yet I know God is on the move, I am expecting Jesus to show up.    

I am more than expecting, I know Jesus is going to visit me tomorrow, in a bigger, deeper,  more transforming way than I can imagine.  Even if my senses pick it up as soft, quiet and slow.  

And yet, even after what has felt like the longest Lent ever, I still have work to do.  I am not quite ready.  I need to embrace even more of today’s stillness in order to be even more ready for tomorrow.  

Please help me to become more ready.  

Please help me to open my eyes.  

You see, I am used to spending Easter beside the sea.  By embracing the cold dark stillness of the Spring tides moving across a beloved estuary, underneath a near-Full-Moon.  And I am accustomed to spending time inside a Church surrounded by beautiful music, liturgy and sacramental gifts and graces.  Followed up by extended family joy.

So although I know that Jesus will show up regardless of the loss of these things, I have never experienced this before.    

I don’t quite know how to deal with this loss.  

Which means I need to get ready to open my eyes to see Him in different situations…  And perhaps this is what today’s Holy Saturday stillness is for:  

Getting Ready.    

Opening my Eyes.  

Pausing, in preparation for an Easter “hide-and-seek” experience with the Lord.  

Please will you help me as I try to open my eyes?  

I wonder, where is God to be found for me, for you, tomorrow?:

  • in a glimpse of sky through a window?
  • in the long-awaited taste of chocolate after Lenten abstinence?
  • in morning prayer stillness?
  • in the bustle of food-preparation?
  • in a child’s kind embrace?
  • in a moment with my husband?
  • in a message on my phone?
  • in the chaos or the comfort or the cold or the cosiness?..

Please help me to get ready.  

I wonder how God might be getting ready to come close to you?  I wonder how we can use the stillness of today to get ready for tomorrow?  

Please reply and let me know: 

  • How are you opening your eyes?  
  • Where is God this Easter?  
  • How is Jesus coming close this weekend?  

Please reply, I am so keen to hear.  And it will help me keep my eyes open!  


Kate Cavanagh,
Raising Happy Healthy Christian Kids
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