This rollercoaster is FAST but FEAR does NOT have to win

It is 7am on one of my husband’s precious holiday days and I wrench open the curtains, fling the window wide and shove an (unwanted) hot cup of tea at him.  My sleeping husband had been promised a holiday lie-in and here was I, demanding his full attention and saying:

  “Get up, we need to buy a trampoline.  Now!”.  

You see, I had checked my phone way too late the previous night, had been swallowed up by hysteria and fake news, and was now convinced the world was about to end.  Or at least be on military lock-down by lunchtime.  By which time it was absolutely necessary for us to have bought a very large trampoline for our very small garden.    

At least that is what my fear-stricken brain had decided!  

Completely illogical, I know.  However, at the time, these thoughts felt so real and I did not recognise them for the lies that they were.  It felt so true, so real, so necessary that it absolutely MUST be acted on RIGHT-NOW.    

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