Step 4 (of 5) of navigating bumpy times…. making space for God’s goodness..

I had a favourite prayer, a long time ago, which included the line:  

“Let me not run from the love you are offering me”.  

Because, you see, I want God’s blessings, I want to experience God’s goodness.  I do, truly, desire intimacy with our amazing God.  And yet I can find myself running from Him, running from the very activities and conversations and places that will lead to the encounter I desire.  Sometimes I do not allow myself to receive the blessings that God is lavishing upon me.  It is almost like I have a closed fist that is incapable of accepting a gift.  

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We get to choose the stories and thoughts we feed on….

I’m packing my swimming bag and preparing for my last swimming-pool visit for at least 6 weeks.  (From midnight this evening, Ireland’s covid restrictions are getting even stricter).

As swimming is my exercise of choice and unfailingly gives me deep joy and bodily relaxation, I have my fair share of emotions swirling around this fact.

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Our 90 degree turn towards safety

Once upon a time there was an amazing little girl who was climbing up and through a climbing frame.  Holding onto the wooden frame as she headed up towards the sky.  Spinning around the bars and looking forward to whizzing down the slide.  

It is fun, it is challenging, and her Father is smiling as he watches her aliveness and delights with her.  Slowly this girl realises that her Father has stepped closer and that the climbing frame is starting to creak, starting to wobble.  She slows her climbing to listen and look…. Her Father moves even closer and holds out his arms to gesture her close.    

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The ways God delivers help and sustenance and inspiration…

Help, Sustenance and Inspiration(

Has God ever delivered help or affirmation to you?

I’ve been contemplating on the ways God delivers help and sustenance and inspiration.  Over the years I have collected some great experiences of people-met, gifts-received, books-recommended and conversations-enjoyed.  

Some of these experiences have fulfilled-a-need, others have changed-my-thinking and all have increased my strength and faith.    

And recently, some great seven-year olds helped me explore: 

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