How does your current God-challenge feel?..

Current God-Challenge

Have you ever wondered what it was like to follow Moses through the Red Sea?  I am so curious, was it a neat and calm experience or did chaos and noise abound?

The films and Bible picture-books differ on this one.  Some show friendly-looking fish peering through walls of water flanking relaxed-looking Israelites sauntering through the sea.  

Others show a full storm, sharks snarling from the waters, and fully-adrenalined Israelites running for their lives.

Which makes me wonder, when God is doing BIG things in your life, does it feel calm and controlled?  Or is it a noisy and chaotic experience?

I ask because I’m genuinely, genuinely interested.  I ask because when we dig into how God’s plans have felt for us in the past, we can find more courage and confidence for our current God-challenge.

I ask because I LOVE cheering on other women as they walk in their current God-challenge.  It is sooo exciting to see.  It is so important to do.


Kate Cavanagh,
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