No, gorgeous girl, the soap is not in the living room

I am slowly waking up and pottering around the kitchen setting the table for breakfast.  I have half a half-closed-eye on my children and am asking my daughter if she has “made-bubbles-with-her-hands” yet this morning.  (We are doing well on the whole “going-to-the-toilet-independently” thing yet handwashing is still a work in progress).  

I try not to push too hard…  

“Honey, mmm, I wonder, mmmm, where is the soap?”.  It’s too early for me to be able to properly embrace playfulness….  


More silence.  

Where is this nearly-3-yr-old of mine?  I’m about to go and investigate when I hear her…  

“Mama”, she says, appearing in the kitchen with wide-eyes and a look of surprise on her face..

“Mama, it is not in the living room.”  

I laugh.    

“No, gorgeous girl, our soap is not in the living room.”

(And I know this is irrelevant, but I have no memory of any soap of ours ever being in the living room, ever).  

I stop what I’m doing to enjoy some good smiling eye contact with this gorgeous girl, and we head off to the bathroom together for a lovely hand-wash….    

…using just the right temperature of water and making lots of great bubbles, just in case you’re wondering.    

And as I pause and savour this ridiculousness, I wonder how many times I end up, figuratively, expecting to find soap in the living room: 

  • when I mine the internet for further information on a particular topic, when what I need is silence to process the information I already have;
  • when I collapse in a heap on the sofa instead of encouraging myself outside for a little exercise with a sky-view;
  • when I procrastinate and postpone and avoid prayer, proper prayer, the deep prayer I crave

  I wonder…  

I wonder if perhaps, maybe, in your life, you might sometimes end up searching the living room for soap?  

Because I know I do.  

So let’s do a little digging to allow God to give us what we crave….

  • I wonder what you need right now?  
  • And I wonder where it might be found?

That’s it.  Only two questions.  So simple… and yet so difficult.  

Please let me know!  I would love to pray for you …  


Kate Cavanagh,
Raising Happy Healthy Christian Kids
Your Domestic Ark

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