Our 90 degree turn towards safety

Once upon a time there was an amazing little girl who was climbing up and through a climbing frame.  Holding onto the wooden frame as she headed up towards the sky.  Spinning around the bars and looking forward to whizzing down the slide.  

It is fun, it is challenging, and her Father is smiling as he watches her aliveness and delights with her.  Slowly this girl realises that her Father has stepped closer and that the climbing frame is starting to creak, starting to wobble.  She slows her climbing to listen and look…. Her Father moves even closer and holds out his arms to gesture her close.    

He picks her up and pulls her smoothly out of the way as the climbing frame falls apart and crashes to the ground.  She is held, safe, in her Father’s arms as the dust settles and as they both look at the scene in front of them.    

This is where I feel I am right now.  And I wonder where you are in this scene today, this morning? 

  • Maybe you’re grieving the loss of this climbing frame, maybe you’re still thinking about wanting a last go on the slide….  
  • Perhaps you’re in shock at the way the climbing frame is falling to the ground, or even clinging onto the frame to help prop it upright for a little longer…?  
  • Or perhaps you can feel the gaze of the Father who is holding you safe…  
  • Maybe you’ve already turned to look at Him and are analysing his face, full of questions….?

Wherever you are today, our loving Father God wants to hear about it.  He is so keen to chat and reassure and show us what He sees.  

I wonder what you see?  I wonder what God is showing you?    

I can’t yet see the full picture, but I am starting to pay attention in a different way.  To the secure way I am now held, to the beautiful park around the climbing frame, to the other climbers who have also heard the creaks and groans of the climbing frame.     

And when we’re ready there are invitations for us about further adventures… but only when we’re ready.    

Do Not Be Afraid.    


Kate Cavanagh,
Raising Happy Healthy Christian Kids
Your Domestic Ark

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