Our real enemy is fear, and God does not leave us defenceless….

There is a lot of fear around these days.  I can almost see it sliding into my home, squeezing through the window-frames.  

And one of fear’s tricks is to make us see other people as “the enemy”, when really it is fear itself we need to battle.  

You know this already, I know you do.  And I know it.  So, if we all know this, why does it keep taking us off-guard?  And we know that God does not leave us defenceless, that “perfect love drives out fear” and that Jesus is constantly inviting us to “not be afraid”.  

We know this, and yet it takes a lot of remembering…  

And I’ve been thinking a lot recently about our “inner-thought-game” and “outer-external-strategies” as we embrace new projects, grow a new habit, tackle an old problem.  We need both.  Both internal and external work.  Especially in these days in which we live.

This reality was illustrated so clearly on a coaching call with a client just last week….

  Picture the scene:

I am listening to an amazing, Spirit-filled lady.  We have dedicated the call to increasing “X” in a certain aspect of her life, and I am listening…..  We are digging into why “X” is important, into what “an-increased-X” would make possible for the people she is serving.  And we discern that this  “X-increase” would be a good thing….  

We discuss some of the theory.  Some of the ways it is theoretically possible to “increase-X”, and “reduce-the-things-that-might-suppress-X”.  

And I’m listening……..

and listening…….

and finally, there it is…..  a tiny little bit of hidden, buried, underlying fear about what it would mean, what could potentially result, if “X” increased.  

And this is what we’re battling, Kate, a little tiny little bit of hidden fear in our “inner-thought-game” can undermine a lot of the effort and self-discipline and time we’re putting into our “outer-external-strategies”.

Sometimes in order to achieve something or implement something or grow something or build something, we do not need to work harder or longer or stronger.  We just need to dig up that little bit of hidden fear

…….. and let the Lord shine His healing light on it.

I know that sounds “too simple”.  And the digging process is not easy.  Not at all.

But the solution is simple.  Ridiculously so.  Hand the fear to the Lord and let God deal with it.  And then partner with the Holy Spirit and let Him be the wind in your sails…

So I just wanted to affirm you this week. God does not leave us defenceless and the “you-and-God-team” have everything you need.  Do not let fear win.  And I know you know, and yet this email is an invitation to re-remember …..  Perfect love drives out fear.  Do not be afraid.    

Be blessed.  

Kate Cavanagh,
Raising Happy Healthy Christian Kids
Your Domestic Ark

P.S.  I heard from my client during the week.  She had continued to walk with the Lord and the “X” she so desired had multiplied in abundance :-)!

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