The ways God delivers help and sustenance and inspiration…

Help, Sustenance and Inspiration(

Has God ever delivered help or affirmation to you?

I’ve been contemplating on the ways God delivers help and sustenance and inspiration.  Over the years I have collected some great experiences of people-met, gifts-received, books-recommended and conversations-enjoyed.  

Some of these experiences have fulfilled-a-need, others have changed-my-thinking and all have increased my strength and faith.    

And recently, some great seven-year olds helped me explore: 

God as a wife, searching her house for her coin (the Found Coin, Luke 15:8-10)

God as a Good Shepherd searching for his sheep (the Found Sheep, Luke 15:3-7)

God as a Loving Father running out to embrace his returning Son  (the Found Son aka the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32).

and we were all particularly taken with the rejoicing and celebrations that follow the “finding” in each of these parables!

My own wondering continues as I reflect on my role in being found.  Do I sit still waiting to be found (like the coin), do I make noise and call out to my Shepherd (like the sheep), or do I stand up and walk home (like the Son)?

Of course, I have fallen into each of these categories in various times… But how is God wanting to deliver help to me, to you, today?  What is your role, today, as your teamwork-journey with God continues?

I am praying you experience God’s “finding” of you today, and the celebrations that flow from this!


Kate Cavanagh,
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