What do I want?

When unsure question Who do I want to be right now

Several years’ ago, I didn’t know what I really wanted.  If Jesus Himself had appeared, sat down in front of me and asked me what I wanted, I wouldn’t have been able to give a proper answer.

And then I met some great coaches, with fantastic resources…..

…. and …..

do you know what I slowly learnt?  

I learnt to sit down, take a deep breath, listen to myself, and ask “What do I want?”.  

And so now, it is my turn to ask you:

“What do you want?”

It seems simple, but it’s actually rather difficult to do.  When I try and answer the question, “What do I want?” I sometimes end up answering a different question ….

  • “What should I want in this situation?”  Or, 
  • “What would it be appropriate for me to want?”.  Or even, 
  • “What can I want that I can fit into my life?”.

Those are all very sensible questions, but they will lead us astray.  Really, the first step is asking:

“What do I want, deep deep down, underneath all my surface wants”?

I know we don’t get everything we want.  I know that sometimes it is appropriate for us to sacrifice what we want for the good of our family, for the good of society, sometimes even for the good of our own souls!  We’ll get to that important step.  In time.  But first, first we need to know what it is we want, what we really deeply want!  

Before we can ask for these desires to be purified, before we can sacrifice them, before we can act on them, we need to verbalise them.

So let us find the courage to ask, what is it that I most deeply want in this time and in this season?


Kate Cavanagh,
Raising Happy Healthy Christian Kids
Your Domestic Ark

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